Service Saturdays and Community Meals

We are exploring a number of ways to get involved in our community and be the hands and feet of Jesus beyond this. Whether it's hosting block parties, sponsoring residents of a local apartment, making sure folks that want to worship with us can have access to the transportation they need, creating programs and school partnerships that empower the kids of our community to become the people God created them to be, we want to do all we can to share God's radical, life-giving love. If you're looking to make a difference, this is the place for you!

The third weekend of each month we host a Service Project or Community Meal.  On these days we shorten worship to either do something to serve our community or enjoy a meal together.

Community Meals allow us to fellowship together and invite our community to break bread with us. There is something powerful about sharing a meal together and we want all to be fed at our table.

Service Saturday projects are dedicated to helping our neighbors in our neighborhood and beyond. Past projects have included making 100 lunches for the Homeless Shelter, preparing Loads of Love (laundry packs) for Neighbors on Xenia Ave School Kits for the Festival of Sharing, just to name a few.

TOOLING UP Disciples

It is important to have the right tools in our tool box to reach people for Jesus Christ and to be an effective and missional new church. As we continue to work and worship together, we are building the foundation for a new church that will look and act like a church that is truly invested in the mission of Jesus Christ and open and affirming to all people.